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Having been all around the world, Cora finally settled in Club at San Francisco. One of her main reasons for doing so was Marc, her San Fransis-co lover, who made her life a time of wine and roses – to say nothing of passionate embraces! Marc wasn’t a rich man, but he made up for his lack of wealth by being the best lover in the world. Cora wasn’t interested in money anyway – she just loved making love! And if a bell had rung every time they fucked, it would have sounded just like “Big-Ben” going stark, raving crazy! Elvira was a voyeur, and could afford to hire people to perform private sex shows for her. She had chosen Pippi from Moms In Control lovlies, for her perverted pleasure, and the naughty girl stripped off willingly to show off all her “treasures”.

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Elvira looked on lecherously, knowing that there was a muscle man in the next MomsInControl room, who was ready to get into some hot action with Pippi and his athletic dick! “You look lovely!” Elvira informed her… The time was ripe… “Hector, call him in!” Elvira ordered her pseudo servant – who was also part of the performance. Peer, the muscle man in question entered. Pippi was only too glad to be introduced to such a handsome stud – and looked forwrad to another kind of “introduction” too! Elvira gave instructions like a film director who wanted everything taken care of right down to the last detail… “Okay, you two! It’s show time! I want you both to get down to business!” she informed the two Moms In Control participants randily. Elvira’s cunt grew wet as she anticipated the “coming” events…

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Even though it was only supposed to be a show, it didn’t stop either Peer or Pippi from growing extremely aroused at the sight of each other… “Let me lick your pussy!” Peer suggested with a naughty smile. “Mmm, that sounds great!” Pippi replied, opening her legs for his tongue. Elvira was delighted, especially when Peer and Pippi began “sixty-nining” each other! She was so delighted that she grabbed Hector’s bony cock and started licking it passionately. It was plainly obvious that there was more than just money at stake! Elvira quickly managed to get herself fucked in another position. She chose to have it doggy style. “I’m a bitch … I told you I was …I” she kept on repeating. “Just a Moms In Control bitch …!” By this time, Elvira was beginning to sound like a mad woman.

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Her moans and fits of laughter were mixed with MomsInControl curses, that revealed all her lewdness. Her face mirrored the great pleasure she was getting. “Didn’t I tell you … that I was a real bitch …!” she repeated for the last time. An orgasm had made close her mouth … Under Elvira’s instruction, things started advancing rapidly. And finally, Pippi got the chance to have a cock in her cunny. “Who would have thought, when I was a baby, that I would become a porno girl…?” said Pippi quite candidly. And she laughed. “Okay, Pippi, get fucked for all you’re worth!” said Elvira. “I think that I’ll pay you all an extra fee for that excellent number!” she added, jokingly. Then she spoke no more. “Speech is silver, but a Moms In Control prick in the mouth is gold,” she thought. And with a slurping sound, she swallowed something …

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Toby hadn’t seen Flora for a couple of weeks, and when he ran into MomsInControl when she was out jogging, they quickly agreed to go back to her place and fuck! Back at Flora’s, Toby was all over her. He squeezed her tits and his wandering hands found her fat-lipped cunny, which was dripping wet with sweat and love juice. His prick swelled to gigantic proportions. “Your pussy’s so gorgeous!” he complimented her breathlessly. “And I bet it tastes even better than it looks!” he added hotly, nibbling her neck playfully giving Flora goose-pimples… “There’s one sure way to find out how my little hole tastes, lover!” Flora teased him a little, “and that’s to get your tongue into it!” she added, knowing full well that that was precisely Toby’s Moms In Control intention!

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“Come on, baby,” he urged her, “let’s sixty-nine each other! I want you to enjoy a mouthful of my meat too – before I shag you to a frazzle!” “Oh, Toby!” she responded positioning herself over him so that he could lick her MomsInControl cunt, “your cock’s so fat and hairy …!” Their mutual oral stimulation session soon had them both hot and ready to screw. “Open your legs you sexy bitch!” Toby growled impatiently, “I can’t wait to fuck you!” “And I can’t wait to get fucked!” Flora answered him as she felt his throbbing dick penetrate her. Although Flora’s Moms In Control climax would have left a weaker woman faint and exhausted, the athletic young blonde wasn’t completely satiated.

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“That was a wonderful first course, lover!” she told him admiringly, “but I always like something MomsInControl sweet to finish with! So if you don’t mind … I’d love a mouthful of come for dessert!” Toby let her take his throbbing prick in her mouth and stood with trembling knees while she worked on it until finally he ejaculated down her bottomless throat… Dustin and Eroll were a couple of truckers who drove for a big dairy product company in Arkansas. When they weren’t burning up the highway, the two of them liked to pursue their favourite pastimes, which were, in Dustin’s case: photography and in Eroli’s: doing stunt work in whenever he could. One Sunday, Dustin invited Candice to his place so that he could take some snaps…

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